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When your property's in need of a makeover you need to hire a specialist painter and decorator. This service isn't exclusive to residential buildings. You can also request the painters and decorators team on large-scale premises such as office buildings, pubs, bars and even multi-floor department stores. Are you a homeowner? Then the service is guaranteed to be suitable for you! It doesn't matter if you’re looking to buy or sell, rent or rent out.

Hire Michael's Experienced Painters and Decorators in West Hampstead For:

  • Instant estimates – you can request a no-obligation quote as soon as you begin your inquiry
  • On-site assessments – that are completely FREE of charge and highly recommended. Let us see exactly what you need doing
  • Flexible time slots – if you need us to we’ll adjust our working hours to fit into your busy schedule
  • Reliable professionals – choose interior painters who’ll work diligently to ensure you experience a minimum of disruption
  • Cost-efficiency – working within a budget can be difficult, but we’ll make it easy for you
  • Tried, tested methods – that’ll guarantee your service is completed to the highest possible standard
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Learn About The Services We Offer

Wondering how the experts will paint your walls and ceilings? Firstly, all items blocking the access to your wall or ceiling will be moved out of the way and protected. Your flooring will also be covered. Before beginning to paint the team will check for scratches and dents that may need filling in. Once this is done they may apply a primer or undercoat if necessary. Next, three coats of water, solvent or speciality paint will be layered onto your wall or ceiling with a drying period between each layer.

Want to know the particulars of painting woodwork? All your decorative items will first be removed. Then your woodwork will be closely examined so old paint, scratches and more can be identified and then taken care of. Afterwards two layers of primer, dye or stain will be coated on, closely followed by three coats of paint, varnish or oil.

The Expert Services You're Offered

It’s important that any small scratches or dents on your wall or ceiling are identified before any paint is applied. The team will fill them and then begin the process. If our team think it necessary a primer or undercoat will be put down initially and left to dry. Once it’s done so three layers of paint will be coated on. With that dried, your home will be returned to its original appearance – furniture will be moved back, pictures rehung and any protective materials cleared away.

When painting woodwork it’s necessary to scrape off old paint with chemicals, sand down the surface and fill in dents and scratches – don’t worry it’s included in the price. Once 2 layers of primer, dye or stain are applied the painters will coat your woodwork with 3 layers of paint, varnish or oil and then carry out a full clean-up.

Contacting Michael's Painting and Decorating Professionals in West Hampstead

Talk to an expert painting and decorating adviser in West Hampstead on 020 3404 3390. You can also reach us through this website’s chat facility or by entering your details into the contact form.

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